Minorities in the Media

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Minorities in the media The media has a huge influence on the way different races are viewed by society. Misrepresentation can be defined as to give a false or misleading representation with intent to deceive or be unfair. The United States is one of, if not the most, diverse nations in the world. It is often described as a melting pot because the country is made up of so many ethnicities and races. In spite of this diversity, the media still misrepresents different races in many ways. One common way is through the use of racial stereotypes. Another way is the amounts of news coverage different stories receive. These are just two ways misrepresentation in the media occurs and there are several others. I believe as a democratic country it is important that the rights of minority groups are upheld. If the minority is suppressed it will eventually end up in an uprising, civil riots, or possibly a revolution. Therefore, although the rights of the majority are substantial the rights of the minority cannot be ignored. Equilibrium must be reached in which the rights and freedoms of both minorities and the majority are met. In order for a government to promote unity, all citizens must be content with the way the country is being handled. Therefore, it is incisive that a government protects minority rights to the fullest extent possible in order for peace and order to maintain throughout society. It is the duty of the government to maintain a certain level of peace and order throughout society. In order to ensure fair and equal rights for all national minorities, protection of individual rights must be maintained. It is essential that governments undertake measures to promote equality and freedom and that they take steps to combat hate, prejudice, and discrimination. They must also ensure that the conditions are met to maintain and develop the
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