Minor In Black Studies Essay

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Minor in Black Studies Black Studies is an interdisciplinary minor (curriculum) comprised of courses from the departments of Communication, English, History, Political Science, and Sociology. The mission of the Black Studies degree at SVSU is to provide a cross-disciplinary examination of historical and contemporary African and African American agency. This examination seeks to develop the intellectual, creative, and analytical skills of those engaged in the Black Studies program. At its root this degree is grounded culturally in the African Diaspora and advances academic excellence and social responsibility. Why SVSU? According to activist-scholar Dr. Maulana Karenga, “Black Studies is the critical and systematic study of the thought and practice of African people in their current and historical unfolding” (Karenga, 2002). The scope of our examination includes the whole of the African Diaspora i.e. the examination of Africans dispersed throughout the world. Particular emphasis is placed on the study of agency, “the capacity and will to act.” It is similarly the goal of the…show more content…
While preparing the syllabus, it dawned on me that although I had graduated from a historically Black University with a major in History, I knew very little about the subject. I then began a personal mental reclamation project in an attempt to rescue and reconstruct my humanity. Dr. Karenga’s Introduction To Black Studies was a welcome addition to this ongoing project. Dr. Charles Henry, Professor, African American Studies, UC Berkeley says, "Maulana Karenga’s Introduction To Black Studies is simply the best text available on the subject," and I agree with this assessment. Dr. James B. Stewart of Penn State University says "the volume reflects throughout, the commitment to solid analytical inquiry that characterizes the scholarship of its
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