Minor Characters In Catcher In The Rye

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English Literary Essay What is the importance of the minor characters in the first 7 chapters of the novel? In the Novel The Catcher in the Rye from J.D Salinger, the minor characters are important in helping us to understand Holden’s Character. Mr Spencer shows us Holden’s ambivalence and rebelliousness, while Robert Ackley acts as a mirror character, and Ward Stradlater acts as Holden’s character foil. Mr. Spencer is an important minor character in the novel because he reveals Holden’s fear and dislike of the adult world. He also reveals Holden’s rebelliousness. He is the first adult that Holden really interacts with, and through Mr. Spencer Holden reveals his ambivalence. First there would be his repulsion, towards Mr. Spencer, and his Vicks Nose Drops, his aging clumsiness and his smell. The reader knows this when Holden describes…show more content…
Just like Holden, “He was probably the only guy in the whole dorm, besides me, that wasn’t down at the game,” (Pg. 16) Robert Ackley, even in an extremer extent, is isolated from an (in his point of view) uncomfortable environment. Similarity of the characters is shown through their identical characteristics exposed through their isolation. Whereas Holden adopts a superior attitude, Robert Ackley adapts disgusting habits. He has acne, doesn’t wash and cuts his nails in other people’s rooms. “All he did was keep talking in this very monotonous voice about some babe he was supposed to have had sexual intercourse with the summer before.” (Pg. 33) Both characters show that they are fantasists. Ackley compensates for his lack of appeal by boasting about sex, and Holden compensates for his lack of masculinity by daydreaming about violence. Ackley and Holden are both very critical of others. In contrast to Robert Ackley, who is only negative, Holden still sees other attributes and is

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