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Minoans and Mycaneans Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Minoans and Mycenaeans (prompt 4)

Minoan and Mycenaean cultures are both early Greek cultures that lived before the Christ era. The Minoans came a little before the Mycenaeans did. These two cultures had many similarities and differences between one another. Both cultures had their specialties in different fields. The Mycenaeans had a strong military and were in several wars in their history, because they believe that power was essential. On the contrary, the Minoans worshiped the natural things in the world and didn’t get in to as many wars but still had a solid navy.
Minoans got their name from King Minos, King Minos was in charge of the Minoans. The Minoans were highly advanced and very smart people, and were also very peaceful.   Minoans were very well in connection with Egypt, Asia Minor, and Syria, they trade copper, tin, ivory, and gold with them. They had the best sailors in their period that helped develop a lot of wealth and very little poverty. The language the Minoans used was Linear A, Linear A has still not been translated to this day.
The Mycenaeans were Greeks from the mainland who took advantage of the Minoans, and tried to conquer Crete. The Mycenaeans were opposite of the Minoans they were much more warlike. The Mycenaean culture were more of the aggressive type, they did things their way with one of the best armies in Greece at the time. The Mycenaean language was Linear B, which had nearly 200 syllabic signs and logograms. Linear B was decoded in the 1950s. Besides being successful traders, the Mycenaeans were vicious soldiers and great engineers who designed and built big bridges, fortification walls, and tombs. Also, the Mycenaeans were known for their excellent artwork mainly known for their brilliant Fresco
paintings.. Till this day their frescos are very popular and very rare pieces of art to find.
The Minoans and Mycenaeans had some similarities in their cultures.   They both lived during the Bronze Age. The two cultures were...

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