Minnesota Voting Trends Research Paper

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Minnesota Voting Trends Minnesota is well known as being a primarily democratic or blue state. It was no big surprise that President Obama won the electoral votes from this state, increasing his lead by ten. Though it was no shocker that once again Minnesota turned blue on the television set, it was no assured win for Obama like California was. Like many other states, the Obama victory was by a slim margin. Just as the country is, Minnesota is a divided state. What keeps thee state primarily blue is the twin cities. Urban areas, such as Minneapolis and St. Paul, give rise to many liberal and democratic voters. In the end it was 52% Obama to a 46% Romney yet it was never a blowout. The polls below indicate a fairly close race, though Obama was in the lead the majority of the time. The GOP can only hope for a Red Minnesota and hope appeared with the VP debate. A solid 48% believed Paul Ryan preformed better in the debate compared to 44% Joe Biden. Like many other states, Minnesota…show more content…
It seems as if Minnesota will remain blue forever. It is not unlikely considering its two beautiful cities that rake in the urban vote for Obama and the Democrats. However, many speculate the affect that race had on the election. People wonder if that both candidates were Caucasian, would the outcome be the same? Would the Democrats pull in all the motivated votes they received from the African-American population, or would the playing field be leveled. Im not quite sure this is what Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind when he said he had a dream. His dream was that there would be no distinction between race, but it seems there still is. But in the end, that is not what matters. We must look ahead, and hope for the best of our country. President Obama will surely do whats best for our country because in God we
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