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Juan J Vallejo COMP 1 11/June/14 Mr. Latimer Minimum Wage is for the Young Minimum wage is fine where it is. I remember my first summer job at Wal-Mart. I was still in high school and needed extra money for clothes. I was so happy earning my first paycheck. Yes, I was hired at minimum wage. Within a few summers and some promotions, I was making well above minimum wage. In this era of instant gratification, it’s refreshing to see our youth working hard and getting raises because of performance. Society as a whole has been put under the impression that everything should be given to them on a silver spoon. Sen. Rodney Ellis and Rep. Senfronia Thompson have an article called “Time to Raise Minimum Wage.” They state, “Raising the minimum wage rewards the strong work ethic that built Texas, allowing someone who works hard at a full time job to support a family and the opportunity to access a bridge out of poverty.” I would argue that if an individual worked hard, then he or she would quickly be promoted. Raising the minimum wage actually takes away from the strong work ethic that built Texas. Adults do not hold most minimum wage jobs. According to Ramesh Ponnuru’s article “Raising Minimum Wage is a Popular Bad Idea,” he states that, “A 2010 study found that state poverty levels were unaffected by minimum-wage increases. It also found that if the minimum age were raised to $9.50 an hour from $7.25, only 11 percent of the beneficiaries would be people who live in the poor house-holds.” In other words 89 percent of all households are not who we are targeting. Small business owners are the ones that will get hit the hardest. They take a chance with our youth and teach them responsibility and discipline. Those jobs are not meant as a career, but as stepping-stones to further their development into adulthood. Whenever a business owner has to increase cost, he or

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