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Minimum Of Two Minimum of two focuses on ordinary people who struggle to cope with challenges/Change. Discuss...... In Tim Winton's collection of short stories, Minimum of Two, it embraces interesting individuals and relationships, which process some significant messages. His characters are ordinary people who battle to maintain loyalty against all odds and there are many characters that find it difficult to move on, to let go of their past and to cope with challenges and change. There are also characters that have moved on and trying to make something of their lives. Winton’s stories depict many kinds of change and challenges leading the characters struggle to come to terms with their new circumstances. Coping with change and challenges is made more difficult by the fact that many of the characters are unable to express themselves and so resolution is often elusive. In other cases, nostalgia for the past also hinders the characters progress and Human development. Male characters mainly struggle to adequately cope with the challenges and changes in their lives while the female characters have a more-positive outlook. Jerra Nilsam and the boy are an example of characters who dwell in their past and resist change by not moving on with their lives, in spite of this, Rachel is a fine example of a strong character who, has dealt with past challenges and is now trying to move on and make a future for herself. Throughout the stories involving Jerra and Rachel we see that Jerra is weak and lives through his past troubles. Jerra struggles most of the time to cope with challenges, because he was always thinking about the past. He can never forget the past. His world is always stuck in the past. In 'Forest winter' we see Jerra as the weak character that constantly dwells on past hardship, however Jerra is a strong man and fulfills his role as a son, husband and a

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