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MINI REPORT 1.0 INTRODUCTION Our WishKids Foundation is facing with a remarkable shortfall of fund since the government has notified that the budget will not be renewed. This report will investigate the key findings to outline the problems and make some solutions to keep a balance between revenue sources and annual expenditure for the next year. 2.0 FINDINGS 3.1 SPENDING INEFFECTIVELY ON FUNDRAISING The amount of money were spent on fundraising is larger than the revenue that came from fundraising events. 26,5% of our expenditure was used for fundraising whereas fundraising events took only 20% of our revenue. 3.2 SPENDING EFFECTIVELY ON MERCHANDISE There was a profit on our merchandise. Sales of merchandise accounted for 14% of our revenue, doubling the money was used to purchasing merchandise. 3.3 UNREASONABLE SPENDING ON ADMINISTRATION AND SALARIES We paid unreasonable money on administration and salaries. 30% of our budget was used for administration and paying salaries. 3.0 CONCLUSION There were ineffectively spending money on fundraising, administration and salaries. However, we gained the profit on sales of merchandise. This report will now offer solutions to avoid the shortfall of funds. 4.0 RECOMMENDATIONS Our WishKids Foundation should: * Spend less money for fundraising. Decrease the money sends on fundraising under 20% will make profit for our budget in this field. Instead of create our own fundraising events; we can cooperate with another foundations to create fundraising events. * Remain the sales and purchase of merchandise. Keeping sales of merchandise by 14% and purchase of merchandise by 7.4% will contribute our budget by 6.6%, same as this year. * Degrade the money that used for administration and paying salaries by 10% such as encouraging volunteers working for our foundation without
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