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Nesbit 1 Karen L Nesbit July 24, 2013 Comm L1 350 Mini-Ethnography Nesbit 2 Introduction My Mini- Ethnography focused on my experience visiting the Progressive Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. I focused on a Religion cultural, because I always have my own thoughts about different religion. I often wonder how people worship God, what is the atmosphere like, and would I want to be a part of this church. Level 1 Artifact and Behaviors I conducted a cultural study of my Church “The Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc.” The mission statement, I observed a message from the Overseer Bishop Edward Smith reads; an Apostolic Organization whose roots can be traced back to the day of Pentecost. The…show more content…
The Hospitality Committee is a group of women in the church that wear black suits and white blouses; and greet the members and visitors at the entrance doors into the sanctuary. There is a dress code among the members, the women all wear dresses or skirts, but no pants. The men of the church wear suits and ties. All the Bishops, Elders, Minister and Deacons are all…show more content…
When it is time to worship and sing songs, the congregation stands and worship God with lifting up holy hands to the Lord, some clap their hands and sing along with the choir. When it is time to give the choir sing a song, the choir is mostly women and the Ushers collect the money. The Secretary makes the church announcements and introduces the first time visitors’ to the congregation. There was a song by the choir, before the Preacher and when it is time for the Man of God Bishop Joseph David Williams; he has everyone attention. Level 11 Espoused Values The values of the Church are in the mission statement, and the Governed by the By-Laws of the Organization and in the Church Doctrine. There is one Presiding Bishop who is the appointed leader of the Organization. There is a Board of Bishops, and a Board of Presbytery. Nesbit

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