Mini-Ee on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombing

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The Unseen Shadows behind the A-Bombs Aeris Nguyen IGCSE English Literature Mini-EE 2012-2013 Was it necessary for the US to drop the A-bombs onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki in retaliation to Pearl Harbor? The results taken from the atomic bombings of the two cities in Japan proved to be false. The headline: "Atomb Bomb Hits Japs" ("The Brainerd Daily Dispatch") could be interpreted in two ways; the first one being the actual event that happened when the atomic bomb first hit Hiroshima, the second interpretation being the fact that the atomic bomb had shocked the citizens of Hiroshima when the blast had hit them.While the A-bomb was effective for the U.S. Army to force Japan into surrendering, there could have been better methods that would have helped save hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, ones that would not imprint such a disastrous event to Japan; the devastating situation the bomb had created for the Japanese people was one detail that could not and should not be ignored, especially in the aftermath presented through not only pictures, but also through articles and debates that still existed until this day. Others may agree to how the bomb was already justified, but the closer the details should be looked into, the easier it would be to agree that the bomb was unnecessary. When the plane Enola Gay dropped the Little Boy onto Hiroshima, the blast created a horrifying instantaneous effect on the citizens of the city, including the deaths of thousands, injuries, homelessness, and disabling of hundreds of thousands people, as Weber estimates in his article, Was Hiroshima Necessary: "About 90,000 people were killed immediately; another 40,000 were injured, many of whom died in protracted agony from radiation sickness." (Weber, "Was Hiroshima Necessary?"). Three days after Hiroshima, the U.S. Army dropped the Fat Man onto Nagasaki, although it

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