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Mini Case Essay

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A) To be successful, a company or a business must:
  * First identify, create and deliver highly valued product or services to its customer.
  * Secondly, the company must generate enough cash to compensate the investors who provide the necessary capital.
To help your company accomplish the second primary goal you must be able to evaluate any proposal, whether its related to marketing, production, strategy, or any other area and implement only the project that adds value to your investor. For this, you must have expertise in finance, no matter what’s your major.
B) The corporate life cycle;
Many major corporations, including Apple and HP began life in a basement or garage and then evolved into giants that we see today.   The cycle starts with the idea of one person which is a proprietorship. Then evolves when more people are willing to be a part of your idea and expansion, at this point your business matures into a partnership. And then once the business’s product or services really have high demand and there is more capital needed then you make your company a Corporation to attract large funds or investments and large amount of owners.   All the forms have their advantages and disadvantages which are given below:
The strengths and disadvantages of each business organization are as follows:
Sole Proprietorship:
-Easy and inexpensive to form
- Subject to few government regulations
- Income not subject to corporate taxation but   taxed as a part of the owner's personal income | Disadvantages:
- Difficult to obtain capital for growth
- Unlimited personal liability for the owner for business debts
- Life of company is limited to life of owner |

Strengths (Similar to proprietorship):
-Easy and inexpensive to form
- Can operate under varying degrees of formality from oral agreement to filing with the state
- Subject to fewer government regulations
- Liability could be limited for all partners under a Limited...

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