Minerva Mirabal Essay

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Minerva Mirabal Have you ever felt like someone was always controlling you? Have you fought for what you wanted? Well, Minerva did. She wasn’t going to take it anymore from Trujillo. She was one of the heroes in the Dominican Republic due to her rebellious ways. Instead of giving in to the ridiculous rules, she stood up for her and her people. Minerva was the strongest Mirabal sister, and the most independent. The Mirabel sisters struggled to maintain personal life while fighting against Trujillo. Minerva was a very wise and smart girl and wanted to study Law, and she takes chances by gambling with Trujillo. “I mean my dream of going to Law School.” But no women in the Dominican Republic can go to law school. Trujillo gave her a choice to gamble with him or nothing. They tossed a dice to play the role and see if she could win or be under his control. Later, she would become the first woman in the Dominican Republic to graduate law school. Minerva was a tremendous help in the freedom movement. The Mirabal sisters were a great example of courage, love, and they fought for what they believed in. “The nightmare is over. Look at what the girls have done.” This means look at what they have done for their country. They made free elections, the country began to prosper, and develop. The Mirabal sisters make the Dominican Republic into a free county. After what happened to their father, the whole family secretly had anti Trujillo relationships. Minerva slowly started to gain support around the Dominican Republic. While she was in prison, she got all the women to support her against

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