Minecraft Multi-Genre Essay

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Dear Reader, When starting my multi-genre paper I was having quite a difficult time coming across a topic that I could truly write about. While on my quest for the perfect subject I had to look inside myself for the answer. At first I was touching upon topics that were neither funny nor creative, which is fairly uncharacteristic of me. While brainstorming ideas I came up with the revolutionary idea of writing a paper on something that I genuinely love to do. With this brand new string of thoughts I turned my attention to hobbies that I enjoy, which lead to my everlasting desire to play video games. Now that I had narrowed down my search it was obvious that this paper was going to come very naturally. While devising a way to write a story around games like “Pokemon” and “Mario”, I immediately stopped cold. I realized that the perfect story was waiting to be told in the world of Minecraft. The Reason I came to this conclusion was because in Minecraft there are an infinite amount of possibilities, which means that there are an infinite amount stories to tell. Within Minecraft there is no main objective. You start with nothing, but over time you build up your resources to create tools, shelter, and other mechanisms. So as your supplies grow so do your possibilities. On your conquest of unlimited creativity there are some obstacles that may hinder your progress, but these are only minor setbacks in a game that is undoubtedly addicting. So here are... Requiem of a Resource As soon as the first miner was born , he stood up, approached the nearest tree, and began punching it violently, as though it had insulted his heritage. This rather questionable act may have been caused lack of pondering about the world and not noticing that punching a tree would, in fact, inflict pain, or this person may have been born with masterful survival skills, and had punched this tree for

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