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at a glance MINDFULNESS EXPERIMENT You can get a taste of mindfulness with this simple experiment: Close your eyes right now and listen to the sounds around you for one minute. If you find your attention wandering, simply bring it back to what you’re hearing. Listen for obvious sounds, like someone walking down the hall or talking. See if you can hear subtle sounds, too. Maybe you can even hear a sound inside your body. When the minute is over, what do you notice about your energy level? Your attention? New, real-life experiments in mindfulness—i.e., Mindfulness Quests—are available every week. To try them, go to “AV Quests” in the center of the Advanced Vitality dashboard. Mindfulness is a specific way of focusing your attention that gives you greater vitality, health, and a host of other benefits. When you practice mindfulness, you’re actually forming new neural patterns that will give you more clarity, choice, and autonomy in any situation you encounter. When you practice mindfulness, you can experience: • • • • increased energy, focus, and creativity greater resilience and immune function less stress and anxiety higher levels of performance, physical health, and emotional well-being WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY Mindfulness shows you how to focus your mind on what’s happening in the present moment, without distraction. By encountering the present moment with openness, you can experience greater authenticity, emotional intelligence, and happiness. Mindfulness can help you relax, slow down, release tension, and notice sensations as they arise within your physical body. By becoming more familiar with these physical sensations, you can experience true relaxation and cultivate stillness. Mindfulness can move you into a centered, relaxed flow state where you can engage with the world in productive, powerful ways. Other benefits of mindfulness include: • • • • • • •

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