Mind Mantras a Research Study Essay

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Isabella Fogel Article Review Health 12/02/13 Mind Mantras to Push your Workouts A recent study showed that by simply telling yourself positive mantras during a workout can boost your stamina and bodies capacity. In the article I read in the NY Times it says that the mind may tell the body that you are tired and you actually may not be. It’s a psychobiological problem they don’t quite understand but they have done tests first on rodents, and then with willing students. Exhaustion was found to be determined by the brain and is found that if you simply just tell yourself you have more energy enough times that you will be able to push through longer than expected. In the study the students lasted up to 20-40 mins longer during a workout. In the experiment the scientists measured each rider’s heart rate, pedaling power and pace. Having attached electrodes to the riders’ foreheads and cheeks, the researchers also monitored their facial muscular contractions — i.e., grimaces — an accepted physiological indicator of increasing physical exertion. And they asked the riders several times during and at the conclusion of the ride how hard the exercise had felt, on a scale of zero to 10. They were told to say the mantras when they felt as if they were going to give up or fail. They persisted even longer than the initial work out time and found they responded and said it was more enjoyable also.

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