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Mind, Brain, And Computer Essay

  • Submitted by: jayp1503
  • on November 15, 2011
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Mind, Brain, and Computer
The brain and the computer are two very powerful things. It was know that the brain is the most powerful thing a human can have, far more superior to anything else. However, the invention of the computer poses many questions on how intelligent the brain is compared to the computer. The computer can now do many of the same function, if not better, then man himself. The computer is the invention the changed the world and how people think. We now depend on the computer and do everything it says to do.   For example, right now, I am using the computer to write my essay and wishing it correct all my flaws and make my essay better then what I am thinking in my brain. The common question is can a computer replace a brain, and how can it if man made the computer? When we discussed it in class it changed my whole prospective, and now I believe the computer can be compared to the brain in many ways. All the different parts the computer had that resemble the brain totally changed my viewpoint that the computer could think like the brain if not better. Therefore I would like the argue John Searle’s viewpoint when he said, “the appropriately programmed computer is mind and has intentions, is false” (Searle 346).
When it comes to computers, many futures resemble a brain. However, can a computer think and do the same things a brain can do? I believe it can do the same things if not better. Take for example math problems and calculation. How long would it take you to figure out a problem like 4325 divide by 345? Sure, some people can figure it out in their brain, but to most people it is just a bunch of number and we would need a calculator or a piece of paper to work out the problem to find the sum. On a computer, it takes a click of a button and the answer is
right in front of you. Also take me typing on my computer right now for example, the computer can virtually make no errors as a brain can make many. The computer detects all of the errors I...

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