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Cody Gass Professor Lee Honors Writing and Literature 10/9/2012 Whose Mind is it Anyway? This piece is describing an experiment testing the limits of obedience in the human psyche, and the writer, Meyer, is writing his thoughts on the outcome of the experiment. I am humbly proud to inform you that I have read about this experiment prior to this assignment. I’m not sure where, but the same circumstances were described. This experiment promotes a mood of disbelief in the human spirit in my eyes. Why would random citizens continue to deliver pain to someone after seeing the effects on the subject? Milgram’s results dictate that this outcome is linked to obedience. This conclusion strikes me as misconstrued; I could not cause someone pain with no other justifiable reason than getting told to do so. I feel thoroughly confused as to why the subjects of his experiment were so easily coaxed into shocking a person; perhaps an impulsive need to meet the standards of an authority figure for a feeling of accomplishment that never got granted at a younger age. I could, however, be on the wrong track. The end result could be because of how people are raised. So if I too was raised up in Germany in that certain time, I very well could have been a Nazi. I have no way of knowing, because there are so many deciding factors. I just feel thankful that I have been raised the way I was, for there are far worse situations to be raised in. I am lucky to have my own

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