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The Mind For years the mind has fascinated me—its complex nature and sense of wonder entrances my thoughts at night. Just imagining how our own minds cannot fully comprehend the vast capabilities by which we as human beings delve into, sub-consciously or otherwise, day after day, boggles my mind. I love the thought of emotions, feelings, memory, and just a sense of belonging. These gifts are granted to us due to our minds and their unending limitations for expansion and possibilities. Compassion and love are two key things I could reflect on for days on end. The concept of two people being happy together forever is something I personally think every person should have a fair opportunity for. The perfect relationship can begin with a simple thought or glance and can end with a simple sentence. Something so fragile may take more than two to figure. For these reasons I plan to pursue a career in marriage counseling. These reasons are not for my own self interests, but for a reason bigger than my own needs or wants. I truly feel that if I can help set a new marriage off, or fix one that is broken, I will have accomplished a goal in my life. Being able to see two madly in love people stay together forever and have fulfilling lives due to a little guidance will make my job truly a career. This career will fit my personality perfectly, because I love learning about the mind. I would need a psychology degree in order to obtain this specific career. For a degree in psychology I need statistics, many social science classes, and some other more specific class requirements. I know very little about the direct pathway to take for this precise career, but I know much of the basics. As stated before the main requirement for the position is a degree in psychology. Another route that can be taken is getting a degree in social work. I plan

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