Milo And Major In Joseph Heller's 'Catch-22'

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Adam Weindling Gordon English 12 6 October 2008 Milo and Major In Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22 he uses satire to lampoon the absurd and dangerous military life. Heller effectively mocks the corruption and the horrors of war by creating characters like Milo Minderbinder and Major Major. The way Heller goes about ridiculing the military organization can even be applied today. Milo Minderbinder is in charge of the mess hall, but is mainly known for being the ruler of the black market. Milo’s business that started out selling eggs eventually blossomed into a huge money making organization where “everyone has a share.” This all started when Milo was looking for an out to his air raid missions. Through Milo’s persistent nature he gets himself out of his required missions in order to conduct more black market business. Towards the end of the novel we see what a fraud Milo really is. After eleven long months on duty Milo had only flown five missions when the other men had flown over fifty. Not only does Milo not do his missions, he even bombs his own squadron. Milo, thinking only of money, effectively manipulated the Germans to obliterate…show more content…
Firstly Major Major’s status as a Major was sparked by an IBM computer error. Major Major can hardly take care of himself, so it is evident that he is not able to fulfill his duties as a Major. When asked what to do when people com to see him Major replies by saying "I don't want anyone to come in to see me while I am here. Is that clear?... Tell them I'm in and ask them to wait... until I have left" (98). Another example of Major Major’s shear idiocy is the fact that he wears a fake mustache and a pair of glasses when he forges Washington Irving’s name on military document and letters. Major Major is clearly a perfect caricature for the untrained and unqualified officials that occur in the military even

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