Mills Social Problem

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This passage speaks about, C. Wright Mills theory that the roots of personal problems are caused by elements of society. The understanding of this concept is that most people feel that their personal problems are a result of their failure so they put themselves at fault. These kind of people often feel that their life is only setup for them to fail. But Mills explains that it is society that shapes our lives and our own personal failure is not fully our fault. It further explains that people in a society suffering from the same types of personal problems can come together and collectively classify their problems as a social issue. When those people in these societies join together, they can formulate solutions to problems in their society.…show more content…
One hot topic right now that could be classified as a social issue could be the rise of immigrants here in the United States. Immigrants come to america in search of freedom and work to provide for their families. But on the other hand, many people feel that the drop in the economy is due to the high number of illegal immigrants taking jobs here in america. A second somewhat major social issue is poverty and welfare here in america. As more and more families continue to fall below the official poverty line (which in 2005 was an estimated $19,971) the government feels a greater sense of urgency to fix this problem. With the inflation of everything, especially gas prices, it is getting harder and harder for families like the Flintstones to keep up with the Jetsons. The last that could be decided as a social issue has to do with my second social issue which is the economy. Sine the Bush administration has taken over the white house, the economy has not been very good in america. With most of all the U.S. funds going towards a worthless war in Iraq, americans have been feeling the heat of our poor economy. These all are examples of personal problems, that evolved into social issues. Individuals that support these issues have been through collective action to resolve these problems for a long
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