Millionaire's Row Essay

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In the dim light of evening, a large party is just beginning. Ladies in floor-length gowns, their gossamer skirts swirling in a light breeze, ascend the sweeping stairs of a huge stone mansion on the arms of their men, dressed in tuxedos of silk and the finery of the time. They are chic and beautiful. Their elaborately styled coifs and perfect curls bounce slightly with each step. “Click, Step.” “Click, Step”. At the top of the main entryway stairs, a set of tall wooden doors are thrown wide; and there in the doorway stands a welcoming butler, beckoning the new arrivals inside. The cavernous foyer of polished marble opens to the sound of life. Laughter, clinking crystal, and soft, stately music can be heard. The scent of hors d’oveurs wafts through the entry, enticing and exotic. “Welcome, welcome. Mr. Andrews will be so pleased you could make it.” The house is overwhelmingly large. The setting sun throws dancing colors off of the mullioned windows of the west side of the house. Even the stone seems to gleam in the red-gold light. The turret-like stone at the rooftop casts shadows upon the street far below, laughing idly at its ordinariness. The perfectly manicured gardens seem to sway in time with the music inside, their roses, herbs and willows at peace with the state of their luxury. The food is exquisite, of course, for, would Mr. Andrews allow it to be any other way? The wine is outstanding; imported and with a spice no one is quite able to place, though they all enjoy it immensely. The bubble of talk and laughter add to the atmosphere of carefree wealth and power. A plethora of color in constant motion sweeps throughout the large and impressive ballroom as the gentlewomen whirl about dancing, or accept drinks with a word of thanks, or laugh lightly at an amusing story told within their circle of conversation. The men offer contrast to the brilliant

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