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Miles Davis He was a jazz musician, trumpet player, band leader, and composer. He started play his trumpet at the age 13 when his father gave him the trumpet and put him to a music lesson with others musicians. He was became a professional trumpet player at the age 16 and became a member of Eddie Rabdle’s band, the Blue Devil. In 1944, bebop had created and became the hottest jazz scene in New York. It was created by Charlie Parker. Miles Davis was a huge fan of bebop because of its complex melodic and harmonic structure. After graduation from high school, he moved to New York to study music and follow his idol at the same time. He went to the clubs every night to see Charlie’s quintet. Later on, he was invited to be a trumpet player for Charlie’s quintet. He was trying to follow one of the trumpeter name Dizzy Gillespie, the trumpeter leader in the group. Miles Davis failed to mimic Dizzy Gillespie because Dizzy could play high notes repeatedly and play at a fast energetic pace. He was decided to created his own sound. In 1948, Davis decided to break away from the group because Davis claimed that he was not being paid. After the departure of the group, he joined a group of young musicians. He was took over the project which was to achieve a sound similar to human voice, through carefully arranged composition and by emphasizing a relaxed, melodic approach to the improvisation. His music had a unique, poetic quality. Some people criticized him for hiring white musicians like Lee Konitz and Gerry Mulligan, but Miles only cared about if they could play the music he liked. He was released his recorded in 1956 on the album named Birth of the Cool. In 1958, Miles Davis replaced all his quintet. He found Bill Evan a young white pianist who had strong classical background had a unique, impressionistic approach to the piano and his musical ideas had a strong influence on

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