Millenials Essay

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Mr. Hymowech English 103 Advancements/delays Can you imagine life without internet access? Envision a world without Instant answers. Thankfully generations like the millennials and those after don't have to suffer through those rough times. But of course too much of a good thing can be bad, technology is over powering our lives. Millennials are more drawn to their phones than any other generation before them. There have been more accidents due to texting while driving in this generation. Millennials are confined to their homes due to obsession with online gaming. Social media is closely related to many bullying cases, and other inappropriate behavior. Millennials are becoming more addicted to technology. There have been many fatalities due to texting while driving, lately more than ever safety regulations have been disregarded. Texting while driving has been the biggest negative factor in technologies advances due to the “hottest smart phones”. Kelly Wallace a reporter at CNN had the piece on texting while driving. Wallace writes “After all, texting to them is about as natural as talking on the telephone for hours was for those of us who grew up in the '70s and '80s. The numbers show what an uphill climb we, as parents, have ahead of us. Fifty-five percent of young-adult drivers, in a survey by Online Schools, said it was easy to text and drive, while 34% of teens said they have texted while behind the wheel.” The millennial generation are highly addicted to their phones, these are the same teens and young adults that are receiving permits and or licenses. Parents and studies fear the fact that teenagers cannot spend time off of their phones especially while driving. Technology is a big factor in the millennials lives. Another factor in the risks of technology in the millennial generation is that they are a hughe distraction in their education. Another

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