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MILK By: Austin Dagg Just the sound of someone asking if you would like a glass of milk is comforting. You may be wondering though what actually is in this wonderful tasting milk we have today. Well did you know that any lactating mammal can excrete toxins through their milk, including cows! The toxins can include antibiotics, chemicals and hormones! In this Article the three things I will be discussing are; does milk and chocolate milk hurt your body more than they help it, are dairy farmers and milk production company’s modifying what is in the milk and really hurting us in return and should we as humans be drinking another animals milk when the milk is not intended for us. Let’s look past the media hip and dive in to is milk and Chocolate milk good for us as we are lead to believe by the dairy association? Although the media may say that milk build’s strong bones they may be misleading you. In fact milk and chocolate milk hurt your body more than they help it. We all know that pop is bad for us and fructose corn syrup found in pop makes your bones weaker? Well a 500ml carton of chocolate milk has more fructose corn syrup in it then a can of pop! So it would actually be better for you to drink a can of pop than for you to have a 500ml carton of chocolate milk. Another way milk and chocolate milk hurts your body more than it helps it by creating a layer of mucus around your intestines. With the increase of mucus in your system it is hard for your body to use the nutrients from the foods you eat. In addition chocolate milk leads to child obesity and type two diabetes with the large content of sugar and fat in it. The fructose corn syrup in chocolate milk increases sugar levels in the blood and over time can result in children developing type two diabetes. These same two factors are causing obesity in children.

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