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ABSTRACT WOMEN IN THE MILITARY: RECLAIMING THE LOST IMAGE Often times the military has been conceived by many as a monstrous body of humans driven by a fierce and ferocious masculine force. More so, probably among other factors, the apparent less female patronage and appearance as a result of internalized pseudo knowledge amongst the civil community by virtue of history and certain cultural traditions. Yet though the military has attempted several civil-military programs to redeem it seemingly lost image, the status quo still prevails, to say the least. The military has many times been remembered that its ‘‘wild’’ training disciplines are just good for the barracks. No wonder Professor Adu Boahen described the period of military rule (1972-1987) and the military as ‘‘the era of silence’’ by ‘‘the men on horseback’’1. He refused to acknowledge the substantial role played by women in the military. Perhaps he is vindicated by the fact that the military itself has failed to come to realize the crucial contribution of women, as my chitchat with some low ranks revealed by failing to afford them space in the military lexicon. Again, that the military and personnel are hardheaded is still echoed by such anachronistic sayings as ‘‘what does it take to pull a trigger’’; even in academic cycles. It is for these reasons that Dr. Ennin has called for the military to produce officers including women who are encouraged to conduct painstaking research aid in national development and to a larger extent enhancing their image2. Aside the erroneous concern expressed by the court of public opinion the constitution has overtly preserved the humane face of the military by clearly defining its mandate and implicitly not inhibiting its possible civilian roles3. ‘‘Nothing stops a civilian government from giving civilian appointment to competent

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