Military Versus Police

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While there are some similarities between the police and the military there are also several significant differences. They both are sworn to protect and serve the people of the United States. They have different ways of doing that same job however. There wouldn’t be any need for two separate entities if they did the same job, but there is a need for both so they obviously aren’t the same. The military is separated into several branches; the Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, and the Coast Guard. The coast guard mainly serves the country and does not go overseas, while all the other branches are normally assigned to go overseas to protect the interest of the country. The Air Force is used to dominate the skies and to keep an eye on what’s going on from several hundred feet above the earth. The Navy protects the oceans and does not usually get involved with deep land based activities. The Army and the Marines are our main ground units that serve on the ground and do a lot of the grunt work. The local police forces are used to keep the peace around the country. There are many different levels of local police such as state, county, and city. The idea for a local police force in the United States comes from the fact that during colonial times they need a way to cut down on crime so they set up these local sheriffs offices. One of the first of these sheriffs’ offices was established in New York in 1626. Presumably this is because the British were not performing their duties to protect the people of the colonies so the colonists took matters into their own hands and ban together to establish a defense against crime in their communities. Police and military are completely separate and do specific jobs that require particular equipment. First of which is the vehicles that they use. Police use several types of cars such as a high performance cruiser, patrol car, armored

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