Military Training Essay

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Modern technique of war are quite different form those of our forefathers. Land, naval and air forces are all highly technical affairs. No country can dream to come our successful in a modern war without adequate and upto-date military training. People cannot be trained in such technical matters in a day or two. It is, therefore, proper that some of the educational period of the youth should be used for this purpose also. From this point of view, military training in schools and colleges is most desirable. With a little extra training, these military trained young men will be able to face the challenge of any war. They will serve as a reserve force. In a democratic country, all citizens are equal. It is not possible for some to sit safely at home, while others face the dangers of war. Every citizen must be ready to answer bravely the call of the nation. This cannot be possible, unless they receive some sort of military training. This can be done most economically and conveniently during the period of education. This makes the advantages of military training quite clear. Military life is known for its discipline. Military education teaches obedience to law and order. "Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die", is the motto of a soldier. Military trained persons care more for their duty than for anything else. They consider their duty even above their lives. These are the qualities which make a nation truly great. Our country needs more and more young men, with such qualities of self-sacrifice and devotion to duty. Military education is also useful from this point of
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