Military: The Invisible War

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The Invisible War The Invisible War is the epidemic of rape in the United States military. “In a survey of active duty members in 2012 there were 26,000 instances of unwanted sexual content. Around 85% of sexual assault crimes go unreported and even the ones that are reported even les than 2.5% face punishment or dismissal. The United States military is supposed to be the one who protects us from anything or anyone that’s is going to hurt us. As I recall the military has strict laws against sexual abuse and assault. Military laws as I though are supposed to be stricter than the US laws. How does the military let this happen without taking action immediately? Supposedly, ever since the first women in uniform military rape has been on the…show more content…
One example is Private LaVena Johnson in 2005 her death was ruled a suicide by the Department of Defense or DOD. During the autopsy of Johnson’s body they found wounds inconsistent of suicide. One in particular was the chemical burns, which are believed to have destroyed DNA evidence of rape. Immediately after the incident the Pentagon went to work trying to cover up any articles written about Johnson, intimidating reporters and editors. The scary thing is Johnson’s case in one of possibly twenty where female soldiers had suspicions deaths. Another example of how bad its getting in the military for women comes from The Huffington post “50 Facts about Sexual Assault in The US Military, "I was repeatedly drugged and raped by several of my superior officers over a nine-month period. ...There was no one I could turn to because, like so many victims of sexual assault in the military, my attackers were in my chain of command. So I kept my mouth shut." Testimony of Trina McDonald, who was 18 when she was stationed in Alaska and assaulted.” Another example was not a girl who had been sexually assaulted but a boy, “Heath X reported that he was gang raped, told he was lying, threatened, bullied, assaulted again and tried to commit suicide all during his first month in the service. He left, became homeless, was incarcerated and was diagnosed as…show more content…
How can such a horrendous issue go unnoticed for so long and for the people that know it’s going on how do they live with themselves. The Department of Defense has statistics of how many people serving for the military are being sexually assaulted and statistics of how many aren’t reporting it and yet nothing is being changed. Women are fighting for are country and there facing more assault from their own country then from anything else. If the US Military can cover this up what else can they be hiding from us? As I researched for this paper I was surprised of how hard I had to look to find a good topic to write about. Two hours of research and I still had nothing its only because I looked at the website Project Censored that I even stumbled upon such a horrible thing. Sexual Assault in the Military definitely falls under the category of Non-information. The United States government must of has to go though a lot of trouble to keep this out of major headlines. There are so many stupid topics in news today that don’t even come close to how big this could be. Maybe its just old news and I some how missed it but I’m still surprised every time I read a new article about the

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