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Derrick Thurmond 10 April, 2013 Military Taxes Why should military personnel pay taxes? Men and women in the armed forces go through a lot. Starting from the day he or she decides to go into active duty or the reserves, a big and tough future awaits that person. Military shouldn’t pay taxes due to all of the sacrifices they have to take. Filing taxes is stressful enough under normal circumstances. When you're a member of the armed forces, your tax situation can be even more difficult, especially if you're serving overseas or in a combat zone. Citizens must go through a long enlistment process that could take a whole day if he or she has all their paper work in; things like ID, social security card, parents’ marriage licenses etc. Once he or she is enlisted and sworn in that person is now considered a poolee awaiting the day he or must take leave to boot camp for the transformation. ‘The infantry trains to prepare for combat and there is nothing typical about combat,” says the 39-year-old Rochester, N.Y., native (Spotlighting marines 8). Marines endure a lot of training and exercising so they can stay fit and ready for the nations call. “There are no myths in combat; the things heard are all true” (8). Many military personnel go into active duty, and some want to be the best of the best so they go into more dangerous MOS; which stands for jobs. These men are trained to be the best like; Navy Seals, Recon Marines, MARSOC marines (Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command), Ranger school, or Army special forces. These men have to go through months of training to become one of the elite force. These men also get torn down mentally and physically it is hard on the body, but it gets them ready for anything out there in the world. Navy Seals and MARSOC are

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