Military Service Essay

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Why One Years’ Service should be Mandatory Steven Wunderlin Grantham University Mr. Timothy Goss English Composition 6/7/2011 Why One Years’ Service should be Mandatory Because serving in the military is important for the defense of the United States, and military service instills ideals like integrity, selfless service and honor, the United States government should require all high school graduates to enlist for at least one year in the United States military. In this essay I intend to prove that one year’s active duty service the U.S. military is what every high school graduate needs to begin their working career. Many might argue that this action is unnecessary since we have what is called the Selective Service Act. This act requires that all eighteen year old males register with the government in case of an emergency that would require more manpower than our current military can provide. I believe that this act should be repealed and replaced with a law that requires all high school graduates whether they are male or female enlist for at least one year in the active duty military. This way no one can say that the law is sexist, unfair or immoral. On various occasions the United States has come under threat from either foreign or internal attacks. Some of the greatest and well known are the attack on Pearl Harbor, the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. For some these attacks alone were enough for soldiers to enlist in active duty military service. Others unfortunately are quite content in sitting at home enjoying many of the freedoms that our military fights so hard to preserve, but when asked to serve themselves come up with various reasons as to why they cannot serve. As P Hedt says in his article “If they have never had their basic rights taken from them they will never place as high a value on
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