Military Rape Essay

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Rape and sexual assault in our military has been a growing problem since World War II, as many as 500,000 men and women have been raped or sexually assaulted. According to Department of Defense, they estimate, more than 19,000 women and men were assaulted in 2010 alone. Also studies show nearly 80 percent of survivors never report for fear of retaliation, reprisal and intimidation. Victims are often afraid to come forward and speak up because they fear demotion, reprisal, scared of the gossip, or possibly being discharged while the suspect may remain in the military without any type of punishment. (USA;Military Rape) Politicians and high ranking military officials set forth a zero tolerance policy for the crime of rape and sexual assault. With this in mind people ask why sexual predators are still in every branch of the military or, once they get out, are walking our streets. Of 3,223 perpetrators who were actually investigated, only 175 ended up serving jail time, according to Susan Burke, an attorney who grew up on military bases. (Vlahos;2013) The main problem is that unit commanders have full discretion to refuse to move forward with a case. Approximately 33 percent of servicewomen and men don't report their assault because the person to report to is a friend of the rapist; 25 per cent don't report because the person to report to is the rapist. In fiscal year 2011, 3,192 military sexual assaults were reported, an increase of 1 percent from 2010. (USA;Military Rape) The thing to remember here is even the military admits that the vast number of assaults is not reported. In the military, you have the right to report such acts as a restricted or unrestricted report. A restricted report would go unheard keeping it out of the ears of law enforcement, obtaining help from a chaplain or the command advisor to sexual assault and then deal with the situation from
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