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Military Police Corps The Military Police Corps has a long and gorgeous history to be proud of. Listed on U.S. Army Info, Military Police Corps was officially established as a military occupation on September 26, 1941, but their work can traced back even further. According to U.S. Army, the earliest use of the Military Police was during the American Revolution in 1776. Military Police have been deployed and used in conflicts such as: World War 1, Korean War, Vietnam conflict, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom. Today, Military Police have a variety of different task they are expected to perform, than just arresting criminals. MP's "perform five major functions associated with the branch-area security, maneuver and mobility support, police intelligence operations, internment and resettlement, and law and order". They are charged with protecting troops and watching equipment overseas and at home stations across the United States. MP's are sent to Fort Leonard Wood to receive the training they are required to have, learn certain skills that are crucial to their occupation. Several skills they learn while at Fort Leonard Wood are: "basic warrior skills, military and civil jurisdiction, use of firearms and arrest and restraint of suspects". Each individual has to already have certain skills to be successful as a MP, such as: "being physically fit, ability to interact well with people and ability to remain calm in stressful situations". Educational requirements are slim to none, the Army looks to enlist anyone who has a high school diploma or ged. If you have a bachelor's degree in any major, you can apply for an officer spot. Salary Ranges are varied because it depends if your an enlisted soldier or an officer, how many years of service you have under your belt and if you receive hazard pay or separation pay or any other kind of pay benefits. Selection process

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