Military Health Care Essay

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PSC 700 Assignment 1 August 2012 By: Jim Johnson Topic: Military and Veterans’ Health Care Overview Military health care encompasses a diverse range of programs, each serving a total military population of more than 9.7 million people, including active duty personnel and families, as well as retirees and their families. An estimated 22.7 million veterans receive coverage and access to care through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The major military health care programs are operated through the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department of Defense covers active duty service members and retirees from all branches of the military and their families while the Department of Veterans Affairs covers veterans and their eligible family members. Each program has different eligibility criteria, benefits packages, and financing structures. Active Duty and Military Personnel The Department of Defense purchases and provides health care for approximately 8.3 million beneficiaries, including active duty personnel and retirees, and their The Department’s health care is provided at more than 530 Army, Navy, and Air Force military treatment facilities worldwide and is supplemented by the TRICARE program’s network of civilian providers through contracts with civilian managed health care providers. TRICARE covers active duty service members, retirees, activated Guards/Reserves, and their family members, providing them with government-subsidized medical and dental care. The Army, Navy, and Air Force each have a surgeon general who directs the military providers in each branch and acts as a health care advisor to the Secretary of the respective branch. TRICARE TRICARE is the Department of Defense’s managed health care program for active duty military, active duty service families, retirees and

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