Military Families

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Our country is currently at war and has been in this particular war for seven years. This fact has affected every citizen in the United States, some more than others, but none more than the Military families. Like me, many spouses, family members, and friends of American soldiers anxiously await their loved ones return and the end of this war. Some people believe that war is a necessary occurrence that must take place every so often to maintain a balance among the world or in other words to help create peace. Many other people know that war cannot create peace because these two ideas are completely opposite. To fully understand this concept the search must start at the beginning. In the beginning there was religion; in…show more content…
There should be no exception to the rule! If it is wrong for one person to kill another, then why is it justifiable for innocent men, women, and children to die at the hand of our government because the president of this country says it is the right thing to do? Many nations, including our own, have won their independence in battle, but these victories are only temporary (ML King Jr., 2003). Violence can never bring permanent peace or solve any social problems; it only creates new and more complicated ones (ML King Jr., 2003). . War is not only an act of mass murder aimed towards so called “terrorists”, but it is also an act of mass suicide of our own people. For the most part, the military is formed of young American adults who have no other way to better themselves. Brought up in poor families in small economically unstable towns, this is their way to afford college and ultimately a better way of life. They are fed lies as we all are by our government. "Join the military! We will fund your college and help you see the world," but all you are receiving is a
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