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Sitting in my Barracks room it was the night before the big jump. Everyone was getting ready in their own way me I was just laying in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about what this was going to be like my first time jumping out of Airplane. I was thinking the whole time I have never even been on a airplane how is the ride going to be am I going to freeze at the door and if that happens the jumpmaster is going to boot me out anyways so either way I was going out that door which kind of made me laugh a little inside since I already decided I was going to do this it was too late to turn back now. As the hours drew closer and closer I started to walk around the halls to see how everyone else was doing. Some people where sleeping some people where wide awake like me either watching TV or looking out the windows. Jumping from a perfectly good airplane is a little crazy in my opinion but the adrenaline rush that comes with it is going to be so worth it. As it drew closer the Sergeants and Commanders where coming down the halls yelling at everyone to get outside and line up so they can put as in Chalk order for which plane we are going on and which order we are going. I don’t remember exactly where I was put but I was just happy I wasn’t put at the front of the line. Makes it easier when you have people in the front of you and the back of you so it is a steady motion. As they were calling us out my heart was pounding I was starting to get scared. To try to keep myself pumped up I just kept talking with the people around me on how awesome this is going to be. I am pretty sure most of the people where doing the same thing I mean there where probably some people that were dyeing to jump out. But most of us where scared and excited at the sometime. It came down to us moving to the air field the breeze on my face and big bright moon in the sky was kind of soothing the

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