Military Equality Essay

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Military Equality? Throughout time there have been men and woman working together in the military. This is something that will never change, but now there is a push for even more change. A group of women are pushing to be integrated into the combat arms side of the military. This would mean that women would be placed on the front line with men on the battle field. The problem with this is men and women have very different hygiene requirements amongst other things. When you are on the front line in combat you are required to pull your weight and also sometimes your buddy next to you. When you are in the combat arms world the behaviors and language is very different or even offensive. Although Women should serve in the military because they have so much to offer. They need to be limited to what position they hold. When you are in a combat arms position you are required to live in some horrible conditions without the ability to clean yourself. Many times from personal experience being a combat sniper many gone three to four days without a shower. With women in this same position you’re going to have hygiene problems from not being able to clean themselves. You don’t have access to a restroom, so most of the time you are digging a hole to use as a toilet. Also as a sniper we’ve had to lie in one spot for three days, only moving to role on my side to go to the restroom. Standing would have resulted in me getting shot. As a combat soldier you are required to be able to walk many miles with over 100lbs of gear on. In some instances your buddy next to you will need your help so you will take some of their gear. When you get the opportunity to get into a firefight with an enemy force there is that chance that someone will be hurt bad. When this happens you need to be able to carry your injured buddy out of harm’s way. You are looking at picking up a man that is over

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