Military Diplomacy Essay

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God-given gift to a woman. “Honey , I haven’t gained weight”—a worried lady to her husband. surprized ?? Don’t be. one gets to hear this sentence only once or twice in a married woman’s lifetime when she is carrying. rest of the time women are struggling to stay in shape except for the lucky few who’ve been blessed with naturally fit bodies. I am talking about pregnancy—the most memorable experience in a woman’s life. we as women are blessed to be the chosen one ,being able to bear this responsibility of bringing a new life into this world. it brings with it a mixed bag of feelings one feels extremely happy ,excited ,anxious and sometimes apprehensive also. pregnancy brings with it a lot of changes both mental and physical. but we army wives know how to face them with the brightest smiles on our faces .my personal experiencing has taught me that ‘optimism’ is the solution to all troubles. talking about changes, they are not only in our wardrobe size from medium to large to extra large (M_L_XL)one also notices a big change in her husband. Suddenly your loving and caring husband becomes extra loving and caring. now who wouldn’t love this ‘extra’.Its time to get pampered by all. A lot of books are available in bookstores and the internet is flooded with information about the do s and don’ts about pregnancy but i feel the best advice comes from all our senior ladies and friends. Being an army wife i feel lucky to be in the company of such caring ladies who are always there for me in times of need with their personal experiences and interesting stories. Pregnancy is that phase in a woman’s life where she metamorphosis into a ‘mother’. A new life completely dependant on you fills you with a sense of responsibility. care is the name of motherhood.
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