Military Compatability Essay

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Thank you for this opportunity to talk candidly about the proposed beddown of the F-35 JSF at Eglin Air Force Base. The purpose of this meeting is to impress upon those decision makers at the Air Force the devastating harm Preferred Alternative 1A imposes upon the City of Valparaiso and to support our belief that Alternative 2A is the only option that provides positive benefits to both the military and the City of Valparaiso. We would like to begin with a discussion about encroachment. The City has provided three figures for your consideration. Figure 1 illustrates the 1977 Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) noise contours for Eglin Air Force Base. Of importance is the relative negligible adverse impact to the City in DNL 75 dBA noise levels and above. Figure 2 illustrates the 2006 AICUZ derived from the Eglin Air Force Base study that clearly shows the expansion of noise levels above the DNL 75 dBA range spreading well into the residential district in northwest Valparaiso. Figure 3 is an illustration of the 2010 SEIS Preferred Alternative 1A extending the DNL 75 dBA noise contour well beyond the city limits of the City of Valparaiso and into a large portion of northwest Niceville. In fact, the 2010 Preferred Alternative 1A places a full 70% of the City of Valparaiso’s residential and business structures within the DNL 65 dBA or greater noise contour. We think it is a clear depiction as military demands for land and airspace have grown, so has the negative impacts of military encroachment upon the City of Valparaiso. All one has to do is review these illustrations to note the same city limits, same platted subdivisions and same future land uses are consistently represented over a more than 30 year time span. The City of Valparaiso for all intents and purposes is the same community it has been since the 1950’s with many of the same retired Air Force

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