Military Career In The U.S.C.G.

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So I picked the Military to do my senior project on because its has interested me for awhile now. It is also something I would like to join once I graduate school and finally I wanted to learn more about the military so I could follow in my grandfather’s footsteps. The Military is very interesting because there are so many different fields you could work in. For example there are computers, infantry, mechanics, and Special Forces. There are tons of different things to choose from! Also there are different armed forces you could join like the Coast Guard which is the one i'm joining, There are the marines, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and National Guard. No matter what you want to have a career in the military has it for you. My goals for my future are the united states military and joining the United States Coast Guard. I plan on staying full time twenty to twenty-five years maybe more depending if I make it through the first twenty years, that’s my main goal. My next goal is after I retire from the Coast Guard i'm hoping to get a job in the marine sheriffs on the water or F.W.C (Florida Wildlife Commission). Those are my most important Goals. My Grandfather was in the Military and I’ve always wanted to follow into his footsteps and make everyone proud of me for my accomplishments. Its just not for them its for me as well, to give myself a bright future to look ahead on. There are a few questions I would like to ask though. What if its something I didn’t really want to do with my life after I joined? Is there a way out of it? Also, how is it going to affect my future with other careers? Is it going to benefit me, or not? So in Conclusion, I want to Work in the Military and join the Coast guard. I also want to follow my Goals to achieve a Twenty to Twenty-five year Career and end up in the marlin sheriffs or F.W.C. Finally I want to make

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