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The Importance of Appearance in the Military The military has long been the epitome of professionalism. Throughout the years there have been military standards in ceremony, dress, drills, physical training, and behavior which by far exceed the standards of nearly every civilian organization. Simple things from the way one service member speaks to another, to the way in which one salutes another of superior rank are all outlined in army regulations. The most standard regulation which covers military appearance and uniforms is outlined in Army Regulation 670-1. This regulation shows the proper way to wear and set-up the army combat uniform as well as the dress greens/army service uniforms. Additionally, this regulation outlines what makes a uniform unserviceable. Unserviceable uniforms include any uniform which contain holes, rips, tears, stains, fading and any other defect which was not present at the time of its manufacture. Many of these deficiencies can be corrected by taking the uniform to the dry cleaners or a sew shop for less than ten dollars. These unusable pieces of military clothing should not be worn at any time as they are not in accordance with army regulation 670-1. Personal appearance is ninety percent of what makes anyone appear professional. In the civilian world, anytime one is seeking employment or even already has a position, they must strive to look absolutely professional so they will be taken seriously by their current or prospective employer. The same rule applies for the military, especially the higher rank one is. If a first sergeant were to show up to a formation with his boot laces not tucked in to his boots and his uniform stained with his morning coffee, those under him would notice immediately and if they didn't know him, would probably not show as much military respect as his appearance suggests he is not much more

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