Military Appearance Essay

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Military uniforms should be worn to the best aspects of a soldier in uniform. If a soldier has a uniform that is stained and is not in according with AR 670-1, the soldier is considered out of uniform at any moment in time of wearing the uniform. Any uniform that a soldier wears has to be serviceable and be ready to be inspected at any given moment a higher ranking person wants inspect them. An unserviceable uniform consists of: stains, tears, rips, holes, fading, ect. If a soldier can not provide at least four serviceable uniforms, then the soldier has the right to be given the chance to buy new uniforms or the uniforms will be provided for him and or her and money deducted out of the soldiers next pay period. In order to be successful at keeping your ACU’s clean you must wear your coveralls if you are indeed a mechanic working in a motor pool environment. The coveralls are kept clean is by washing them at least twice a week or at least once a week. Soaking them has been the best way to get oil, grease and other stains out of them. The best way to soak them is in a sink with cold water and OXY clean for a couple of day. After soaking them for a couple of days, you can put them in a washing machine washing on cold. After your first initial wash then you should use warm water but, also mix the OXY clean with your laundry detergent to get the best results. But the best way to keep your uniform clean to the most fullest, is not work at all just push brooms and pass tools or even get a desk job. Working in an area that has nothing but oil, grease, and other hazardous materials in it is a guarantee stain on a uniform. No matter what you do you have to be in a uniform that is correct and presentable to you chain of command. It is important that you look the best you can because you never know who will becoming to see you while you are working or even in a
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