Milgram Expeiment Essay

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Milgram Experiment Milgram Experiment Nathan Anderson Stanley Milgram had been interested in the psychological aspects behind obeying tyrannical orders throughout history, such as Germany falling to a cruel leader like Hitler. Milgram’s experiment’s purpose was to test the limitations and capabilities of human’s natural tendency to obey orders. In order to do this he put out a newspaper ad asking for participants in a study to see the effects of punishment on learning, to lure subjects to Milgram’s experiment to see how they would handle being ordered to electrically shock people. No person was ever harmed however, and that was part of how they tested the participants. Milgram rigged the experiment so that he could have the same person be the learner in the experiment, and play their pre-recorded voice reactions to the shocks, so that no person had to be legitimately harmed in order for the participant to experience causing them pain. He gave his confederate the learner position, and the real participant was given the teacher role. He put both in a hat, and asked for his confederate to grab one. The confederate knew which was which so he took the learner card leaving the participant with the teacher position. He then led both the learner and teacher to the learner station, where the teacher (participant) saw the learner (confederate) strapped into a chair with his wrist attached to an electrical receiver, and both were told that the learner would be receiving shocks of increasing intensity for every question of the fake memory test the learner gets wrong. The learner was told he would hear 30 word pairings read by the teacher, and after hearing all thirty of the series the teacher would start from the beginning and only say the first word. The learner was to then choose from a selection of four words, which was read originally from the teacher and

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