Milestone 3 and 4 Case Study

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Milestone 3 and 4 Case Study The following is a copy of the transcript of an interview you, a systems analyst from Information Systems Services (ISS), conducted with Oscar Barrett, Janine Peck, and S.P. Marsh of the Equipment Depot. The goal of this interview was to determine requirements for the proposed system. Exhibit 3.1 ------------------------------------------------- Scene: The Equipment Depot. You have scheduled to meet with the Equipment Depot staff just after the 3:00 PM shift change when Oscar Barrett finishes work and Janine Peck starts her shift. S.P. Marsh, the third shift employee has agreed to come in for the meeting. ------------------------------------------------- You: Well, here we all are again. I promise you I won’t be meeting with you to death. ------------------------------------------------- Oscar: That’s OK. We want to help make sure the system does what we need. ------------------------------------------------- You: Good. That is really my goal for this meeting. I want to get consensus on everything the Equipment Check-Out System needs to do and who will be using each parts of that functionality. I already know the basic functions for the system. Employees need to check-out equipment and check it back in. But I was wondering if you envisioned you doing the data entry or employees? Oscar: We were talking about that. We are thinking of having two terminals here and letting employees do their own check-outs with the system verifying the skill classification and the equipment availability. It will generate a receipt they’ll bring to us so we can actually fetch the tool. But we’ll have to check-in to verify that they are actually bringing the tool back. That would speed us up. ------------------------------------------------- You: Sound good. Now what if the employee loses the equipment he or she checks out? Janine: That’s

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