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Mile High Cycles Essay

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Floyd Outlandiss, sales manager:
  * As a sales manager he performed really well because the company sold more units that they initially budgeted, which resulted in the increase in sales revenue
  * The price stayed the same that is why all variances in revenue were because of a higher volume of sales
  * Therefore, I concluded that the price volume variances are favorable

Fitz Matoosh, production manager:
  * I think that Fitz Matoosh performed efficiently
  * Fitz is responsible for a suitable range for grade of inputs.
  * For evaluating Fitz’s performance, I used the efficiency variance because this variance shows the difference in the inputs that are used for one output unit and the budgeted number of inputs used one output
  * As a result, Fitz used less inputs than budgeted to produce one output
  * Efficiency variances are negative, and therefore are favorable

Shelly B. Swift, purchasing manager:
  * The first assumption is that purchasing manager did not do a good job
  * The price variance is the difference in the actual price per unit of input and the budgeted price per unit of input.  
  * Since the actual price per unit of input was more than the budgeted price per unit of input, the company had unfavorable results in this case
  * However, the increase in price per unit of input led to a favorable efficiency variance
  * The favorable efficiency variances are greater than the unfavorable price variances.
  * Purchasing more expensive inputs lead to greater efficiency
  * As a result it is fair to say that purchasing manager also performed well

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