Mild Disabilities Essay

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EDSP: 562 FINAL EXAM 1. What are mild disabilities? What is a learning disability? Why has there been a decreasing trend in the number of students identified as having a learning disability? Mild disabilities are a grouping or composition of students with different disabilities for instruction, such as Learning Disabilities, Mild Mental Retardation, Emotional Disabilities, and other. Students identified as having a learning disability has decreased because these students are being more specifically classified. Also, more recent in Special Education, more students are receiving inclusion and general education settings and instructions. 2. How have the roles of teachers of special education and learning disabilities changed? Discuss the new responsibilities. Now a days there is a decrease in the number of students with learning disabilities. There are recent changes in state certification for special education teachers; people pursuing a general teaching certification are now being told to add special education to their studies. More students are being identified as “Mild Disability” and more students are receiving instruction in a general education setting. New responsibilities for teachers are to collaborate and work in inclusion classrooms. All teachers are responsible for modifying and making accommodations for students’ specific needs. 3. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA–2004) requires that important procedural safeguards be used with students with learning disabilities and students with related mild disabilities. Discuss four parents’ rights or procedural safeguards. 1- The team representing a student must meet within 20 days of a referral to discuss a plan of action to improve the student’s educational instruction. The district can hold a meeting without a parent present if they have taken all necessary
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