Mikey P EMT

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Mikey P EMT Written by: Tim Syoen Illustrations by :Mike pacocha Mikey P is an amazing lifeguard. He can save anyone from drowning. Yes, even you! There isn't a lifeguard in this world who is as good as him. Why, you might ask? Mikey P is also an emergency medical technician, or EMT. You might think he doesn't need help, being an EMT and all, but sometimes the problems just get too out of controll for him to handle by himself. This is the story about him facing his biggest problem known to date, and how one one unknown person comes to his side to save the day. It was a brisk july morning as the drones of Oriole Pool slump into the guards office. Needless to say, it doesn't look like the pool is going to open. Over the moans and groans of the under motivated group there is a loud beeping sound. "GUYS QUIET!" Kristina yelled.It was the weather radio with an important message. "Overcast skies roll over Morton Grove, bringing rain and dense fog, be advised that no fun should be had at all today. High of 56" "WOO HOO I'M GOING HOME" Jon said with his foot out the door. "Wait, whats that bright light?" Andy asked. "Why do I feel all tingly inside?" Asked Kelly M. All got quiet as they heard footsteps from the lobby. "No, no no no hes NOT working today is he?" someone said. Whispers flooded the office as Mikey P walked in. "Hey guys, sorry I'm late I had EMT duities to take care of. You guys understand, right?" He said. His smile,one that could give god himself an orgasm, flooded the room. As that happend, the sun started to shine and the temperature rose drasticly. "ARE YOU F*#!?& SERIOUS?" Jon said. It looks like the pool is going to open today. The lifeguards slowly walk to their posts, dragging their feet behind them. Mikey P swiftly moves, almost like hes gliding towards his spot at the diving board. Climbing the ladder, he

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