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LewiStephanie Street Mrs. Ullum 26 October 2011 Art Appreciation Mike Lewis Michael Lewis, the Jesus Painter, grew up in San Jose, California. He was grown up in a Catholic and Protestant church background. He started painting and showing his Christian works in 1998. Lewis is known for his acrylic works, done in 20 minutes or less. He preferred and only uses acrylic art ways. He used the grace and power of the Lord to come up with his art. Lewis’s influence is Seth Haines when he asked Lewis to create a portrait large enough for an audience to see in seven minutes, of course relating to the word of God. When he did this he described it as the most peaceful time spent with the Lord. This event is when he became famous because of what he…show more content…
His art showing the grace and wonderful God touched people in different ways. He was known for changing people’s views not only from art, but through his speaking as well. People would look at his works and just know that God is present and that Lewis is a God loving and passionate guy. He is still going around speaking and using the talent the Lord has given him to impact others. This artist really blew me away. I don’t like art and have no interest in it at all, but this guy really had me interested after watching one video. Words can’t describe what he has, it is truly God given and you have to witness it yourself. The detail in each portrait that is done so quickly is really astonishing and breathe taking. Mike Lewis has an ability I have never seen before and he is putting it to good use. This picture I used because he is known as the “Jesus Painter” and with that this is the reasoning why. This painting isn’t in the best quality but you can just tell the passion behind the eyes of this painting and really the detail done in just a short time. I watched a video that he made of him doing this and what is behind Jesus are sins and he shows that Jesus just takes that away and it really was impacting for me because I didn’t know that it could be expressed this way.
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