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ssssssssssss ssssssssssss English 111 15 October 2012 Description Michael Carey is a man who once you met and know him; you will never forget who he is. Anyone he meets will either love and respect him or hate him. That’s because he will push you to be the very best person you can be and sometimes that is hard for people to achieve. Mike Carey is a loving man who is quick to speak his mind; good or bad. His strong can-do personality and elite physical appearance will always be impressed in my mind. Michael was born and raised in the south graduating from West Iredell High School in North Carolina. His parents worked him hard making him take care of the farm they had. Michael woke up at five o’clock almost every morning to go feed the animals and then attending school right after. Michael was an extremely good football player in high school and that is because he put a lot of work into it. Going through all of this hard work as a kid made Michael a very tough and respectable person and it sticks with him to this day. Growing up in the south made Mike who he is today. Mike is about 5’8 and weighs approximately 200 pounds. Mike is in his early forties; his brown hair is starting to slowly recede leaving only patches of hair on the side of his head. His physical appearance is one that might scare people at first site; he is ripped from head to toe. His calves seem to always be flexed no matter what position he is in and his arms are as…show more content…
He uses his southern generosity and his great motivation to leave a mark on about every on he meets. He is a very passionate man, who is always trying to get the best out of people. He gets his pleasure from seeing others succeed and being the best they can be. Mike has many different characteristics which many people could use. He is open minded, dedicated, inspiring, and a hard worker. Michael is a father, husband, coach, and an inspiring friend to

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