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Mike the Scarecrow Once there was a farmer who had a problem. His prize corn field was full of crows. Something had to be done. So he dug through his closet and found an old ratty pair of jeans and a green long sleeve shirt. He headed out to the barn and got a fresh bale of hay, and soon a wonderful scarecrow was born. He named the scarecrow Mike and put him in the middle of his prize corn field. After a few days, the farmer went out to check his field and the scarecrow was gone. But there on the post where the scarecrow had stood, there was a note attached. It said “Dear farmer, a cute girl in a blue dress with a little dog and ruby red slippers came by the cornfield. She was obviously lost. She was apparently looking for someone called The Gizzard of Paws. So I offered to help her find her way. She said the Gizzard could help her find her way home and maybe give me a train. I’m not really sure what that means but I’m sure I will find out. I will return to help with the crows but in the meantime I’m off to see the Gizzard. Sincerely Mike.” The farmer pulled the note from the post and headed back to the house to find some more old clothes. But as the sun set on the horizon he could have sworn he saw a monkey fly by. “Oh well” said the farmer maybe it was just a big

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