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Migration Of Europeans In Australia Essay

  • Submitted by: its4hina
  • on March 17, 2009
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Australia is a place with all different shades in form of different people from different communities and different cultures. If we go back, this place was as black and white as any newly founded places would be. All these colours were painted slowly and gradually after it was founded. Who were the people who came here? Why did they come? How did they come? What did they go through while coming here? What immigration policies they faced when they came? What culture did they bring along? What contributions they made for Melbourne? How things happened? All these and many more questions run through our mind as soon as we compare Australia’s past and present life.

Indigenous community who originally belonged to Australia use to stay in bushes before people migrated in Australia. In beginning European prisoners were sent here in boats and use to stay here with this indigenous community. They learnt their way of living. Slowly and steadily they became part of their community. After a span of time Europeans came here and settled their empire. So Europeans were the first people to step in here.

Initially Europeans came due to their penal systems, but later on they started migrating for acquisition of land. Also those Europeans who were already in Australia, their families came here searching them. So, reunion was also one of the major factors of migration. Later on many people from different countries and different communities started migrating to Australia. As country was big but there was less population to utilise the available resources, more and more people migrated here. Slowly Europeans started to build their empire by enforcing their policies and laws. This made them bring their culture to Australia. Countries who suffered in World War - II also started migrating to Australia. All countries had their different reason of migration.

After migration of Europeans in Australia, they implemented different policies of...

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